A business will encounter any number of IT problems throughout the course of its life. And while many businesses will experience similar issues, the solution to the problem is almost certainly going to be unique to each business.

My Digital Life tailors its preventative and problem-solving approaches to the individual business, taking into account a variety of factors and considerations. Feel free to browse the number of different solutions below, sorted by need or business type.

Solutions by Need


Virus protection is not only for desktops anymore, are your phones, tablets and Laptops covered. We can help you set up your virus protection on all these devices.


The nature of most disasters in IT is that they are unexpected, and happy at the worst times. My Digital Life handles disasters by first working to prevent them; or at least alleviate them. We implement all appropriate measures to help minimize downtime in the event that networks, servers, workstations, etc. become unavailable and need to be restored.


Need to migrate email to hosted services? Or are you looking at another Line of business application and not sure how to get the right one for your office or not sure how to get the data out of the old line of business application and into the new one?


We can eliminate your junk email as well as scan all incoming email before it arrives in you inbox.  We can give you full control of what has been filter so you can easily manage your inbox.


How confident are you in the safety and security of your network? When was the last time a security audit was done? We can do a free security audit and help you shore up the weak spots in your IT security in your office or across the internet.


We can help you evaluate your compliance status, we can help you with HIPAA compliance. Compliance can be complex and confusing. Give us a call and we can help get you compliant.

Solutions by Industry


Provide additional value and assurance to your customers with our white-labeled insurance solutions, which protect client information and allow secure insurance communications to occur from anywhere.


Our Healthcare Solutions provide secure offerings that help your organization to remain HIPAA compliant by safeguarding electronic protected health information, enabling secure communication and streamlining collaboration.


Conduct secure communications and protect your clients’ information while conveniently meeting e-discovery requirements for electronically stored information with Legal Solutions. Be able to send and share email files up to 25GB.


With Financial Solutions you can leverage the power of encrypted communications to protect your clients’ financial information and maintain the searchable, audible records that regulators demand.


Just because your budget for IT infrastructure isn’t through the clouds doesn’t mean your capabilities can’t be. Enterprise-grade services delivered through the cloud are budget-friendly and allow you to focus on your mission statement instead of the IT instruction manual.