System security is critical for any business. With the amount of data that can be easily stolen or copied via email or USB drive, making sure your data is secure both locally in the office as well as secure across the Internet is something that keeps many business leaders very concerned.

We at My Digital Life can evaluate your firewalls, user access rights, remote and locally as well as physical access rights and allow you full control of your systems data. 

Schedule an on-site evaluation today by contacting us at 503.957.5666.

Looking to get IT costs under control? Tired of constantly buying hardware or new software every year? Are your month-to-month IT costs out of control? Historically IT managers and staff have solved what they see as problems in your IT infrastructure without regard for business goals, or building servers and PCs one at a time. This type of IT spend is without regard for true cost savings in standardization. Hardware standardization is key in reducing maintenance costs. With “one off” builds comes higher costs as maintaining spare parts for these “one offs” is expensive. The same goes for software, without talking to the business owners and understanding the business goals some IT staffers deploy applications written “in-house” rather than buying off-the-shelf applications that already do 80 to 90% of what was required by the application in the first place. The thought that the IT person can write it for cheaper is very short sighted, the maintenance of that application going forward will be significantly higher than just about anything bought off-the-shelf. And what happens if the IT person leaves? Who will be able to work on this application? A good IT staffer will understand this and focus on what the business needs not only on the production and processing of data but from a financial perspective as well, reducing monthly IT spend but at the same time increasing productivity for the business. My digital life can help you reduce your monthly IT spend by designing and implementing standards across your business.

Looking for help on an IT project? Looking to consolidate your servers or move services to the cloud? Need to confirm your HIPAA compliance? Thinking of moving to a different EMR (Electronic Medical Records) or EHR (Electronic Health Records) system and need guidance? Whatever your line of business is we can help you make a better educated decision and better understand what the true cost of critical IT projects. For a free review of your existing line of business application call My digital life and schedule an interview.

Looking for some guidance in technology and how it can help your business. Are you concerned your IT infrastructure is getting old? That it is not helping your business succeed but is slowing you down? How do you evaluate it? it takes an experienced IT professional to help you clear through the immense amount of information and get to the real technology that can enhance your business success. Call My digital life for a free systems evaluation.

Looking for IT support? Is your existing IT consultant or in house IT staff unresponsive, or not interested in solving your business needs? This is one of the most common reasons for contacting us. Another reason is checking in to see if your IT staff is keeping your business data safe. We can audit your system and see how you’re doing. Or we can back up your existing IT Staff so if they go on vacation or resign you’re not stuck trying to figure out your IT infrastructure. We receive many calls from businesses that have lost their IT staff and can’t or remember user ID’s and passwords for their server, firewall, router, website, etc., At My digital life we can document it all and be able to back up your existing IT staff as needed. Give us a call and schedule a free on site evaluation.

Need help deciding whether to hire an on-site IT manager or outsource the service? We help businesses figure out what will work for them based on their needs and their budget. We can help you find the right solution for your needs, call us and we can help you decide.

Need help with compliance? Need to see if you are compliant? PCI (Payment Card Industry) or HIPPA? Compliance is not only for your internal processes and data protection but for all the vendors and suppliers are compliant as well. How do you confirm that, some compliant work sheets help you with this but they can be very cumbersome to fill out and confusing? We can help with compliance.

Looking for a free network security and performance evaluation? We can do a full security and performance audit and find out how secure your data is. Or why your network is running so slowly. We can check your email security as well as your back up and disaster recovery model to make sure it is actually working. So many time we see backup systems set up but never tested only to find the backup backs application was running but no data was being backed up! Don’t let this happened to you. Call us for a free evaluation.